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Thinking like you do...

If your business is currently using or considering one of the popular "boxed" accounting packages, you may want to reconsider. These packages are designed to fit the most generic business operations. They do that well, but they make the process of managing you business more difficult by requiring that you find additional packages to supplement their shortcomings.

If you are in a service oriented business, you understand what we mean. They don't allow for you to "manage" your projects. Whether you do construction, equipment repair, mechanical services, engineering services, on-site maintenance or even web site design you may find that these packages don't allow you to track the progress of each job and who has been given the specific tasks involved with it's completion.

From start to finish...

Of course, project management programs exist also. However this means that your clerical support staff has to manually take that output and re-enter it into your accounting package. This is where we come in.

The Smart Business Management system goes from end-to-end on the process. It all starts with the customer and ends with a professional looking invoice in the industry standard PDF format that allows for you to print it and mail it or to attach it to an e-mail and get it to your customer faster than ever.

Giving you control...

We have also designed the Smart Business Management system to be multi-user friendly. You will have the ability to control what portions of the business information each user will have access to.

You also get complete control of the tables that set status and income/expense types, etc. So the Smart Business Management system can be further customized to meet your current and future needs.

There is also a logging facility to let you know what is happening in your system.

Access it when you want to...

Take work home with you? Don't we all. Now you can get into your business software from anywhere you are. The system requirements are minimal and the operating system doesn't matter. If you can get to a web browser, you can get in.

Fully supported...

Dee-Web understands that you won't feel comfortable trusting your business to a software package if you can't contact someone if something goes wrong. Don't worry, we're here for you.

We will gladly help you when you have a problem and we encourage you to provide us with features that you feel would improve the product.

If you need something specific to your company added we can also customize it to fit your needs. We wrote it and we can make it work any way that you like.

Ready to try it?

If you are ready to get a feel for what the Smart Business Management system can do for you click Here to try our demo company. You will need to use "demouser" for a username and "demopass" for a password.

We would love to hear your impressions, so feel free to contact us about your experience with our demo or if you have any questions that aren't answered in our FAQ page.

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